Testimonies from our students

Power of Leverage Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a place I highly recommend. My son was 4 years old he was just diagnosed with autism. I bring him to therapy around here and I saw the school of Power of Leverage BJJ. We walked in that day and was offered a kids free class. My son loved it and asked me all week to comeback. Coach Kelly is awesome with the kids. He is a great teacher and is really patient with my son and the rest of the students. Coach Kelly also goes above and beyond to make his students feel great. Today many students were getting their Gi (uniform) and my son was crying because he didn’t get a Gi because there wasn’t one his size, so Coach Kelly let him borrow a Gi he had that is my son’s size to use for tomorrow’s class. That put a huge smile in my son’s face. Power of Leverage BJJ has shown my son discipline, sportsmanship and most importantly that he can do anything despite having autism. He just competed for his first time at the Copa Pacifica and won a gold medal! The transformation that Coach Kelly has done for my son is priceless!
My son started to take classes at Power of Leverage Jiu Jitsu two months ago and he is learning more than I could have ever imagined. While my initial goal was to have my son participate in an activity that would hone his ability to focus, he has learned so much more. The skills he is learning under professor Kelly’s direction may one day be needed to protect himself or someone else. My son is excited to practice his skills daily and looks forward to each class. Professor Kelly and Ms. Maya create an environment that has firm boundaries with the right amount of support and humor so that any child regardless of personality or temperament will excel. You can genuinely see how many professors Kelly and Ms. Maya care about their students. Professor Kelly holds his students accountable for their behavior and I believe this is so incredibly important. My son recently received his first stripe and the pride he exuded was priceless; he is learning that he has to work hard, stay focus and calm.
I just started my kids at Power of Leverage Fountain Valley about a month ago. They are 10, 13 and 14 years old. Words can not express what my family has gained in this short time. In addition to learning very usable self defense skills, they are learning team work, leadership, respect, discipline, social skills, compassion. All in a very natural environment. Their self esteem and confidence has multiplied and they have made new friends.They were welcomed openly by everyone, adults and children. Coach Kelly and Mrs. Maya genuinely care about their students. Coach Kelly has a wonderful balance of providing disciplined training in a fun yet professional manner. The studio is clean, safe and family oriented. My kids absolutely LOVE Coach Kelly, Mrs. Maya and Jiu-jitsu.
Kylie W.
I started training at Power of Leverage BJJ very recently. I am new to the sport and have received nothing but superb coaching, support, and encouragement from both coach Kelly and the POL team. Each training session I get an incredible workout and have already noticed weight loss and an increase in energy. I am very excited that POL is the foundation of my BJJ journey and that the team encompasses the passion for keeping me driven. Thank you, POL BJJ, coach Kelly, and team!
Kylie W.Student
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